Vision & Mission

  • To empower and uplift Namibian SAN people, to give them hope, vision, dignity and self respect back

Through education we will give them vision to be self sustained

Through education to communities we will improve their standard of living in a meaningful and sustainable way

  • Through ECO Tourism we will do hospitality training program where the emphasis is on practical work. A program where students learn and work practically in the Lodges. An Environmental education adventure program for youth. Basic subsistence agricultural farming practices, GAP (Good Agricultural practices) this program will take the form of a Training game lodge.
  • The lodge can be used to start a development and training program, a practical course with some theory in game lodge development, management and running of an establishment. This course curriculum will include, cooking, catering. food and beverage, maintenance, game ranging, cost effective International marketing to management covering all the aspects.
  • Our aim here is job creation and sustainable living for the communities on the land where development will take place
  • Physical, Social and Spiritual development